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At Wildwood Exotic Pets, all of our tours and encounters are small, intimate affairs, providing exclusive access and dedicated time with all of our animals on the tour. We offer more than a traditional zoo experience because we specialize in close encounters and personal interactions. Come and experience our VIP treatment for yourself at Wildwood Exotic Pets and discover why we are the best at what we do.”

At Wildwood Exotic Pets, we take pride in offering tours and encounters that are uniquely small and intimate, granting you exclusive access and dedicated time with all our incredible animals. What sets us apart is our specialization in creating close encounters and personal interactions, going above and beyond the typical zoo experience. Come and indulge in the VIP treatment at Wildwood Exotic Pets and witness firsthand why we excel in providing unforgettable moments.”

Tour Option

Enhance your experience in the Cuddle Cabin by exploring our expansive grounds and getting acquainted with some of our larger animal residents on an enriching and informative tour.

Outdoor excursion through our different species. Meet the biggest bird in the world and our kangaroo mob.

The ultimate Janda experience.


$200 Includes Cuddle Cabin

Pricing is per person

Groups of 6 or more are guaranteed private
Children under age 4 are not permitted

Group Visiting Package

Mini Group

Big Party Zoo Group

Cuddle Cabin Party

“In the Front Private Guest seating area, you’ll be attended to by our dedicated full-time Attendant, ensuring that your experience is personalized and seamless. As part of this package, you’ll also have the delightful opportunity to interact with the friendly residents of our Petting Zoo, including adorable goats and gentle cows, who are always eager to make new friends. Additionally, your experience will feature a special appearance by one of our Ambassador Animals, adding an educational and memorable touch to your visit. To sweeten the deal, we’ll provide you with a selection of delectable treats for both you and our animal friends to enjoy together.

All of these wonderful inclusions are available as part of our comprehensive package, priced at just $650.”

Experience the utmost in personalized service with one of our dedicated full-time Attendants who will be exclusively at your service throughout your visit to our Front Private Guest seating area. Immerse yourself in the heartwarming world of our Petting Zoo, where you can connect with a delightful assortment of animals, including friendly goats and gentle cows, all eager to share their affection with you.

But that’s not all; your adventure continues with the inclusion of an enthralling Ambassador Animal Appearance, offering you a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with a fascinating creature from our collection. To further enrich your experience, we invite you to explore our expansive Large Animal Petting Zoo, where you can encounter remarkable animals such as majestic ostriches and captivating kangaroos.

This comprehensive package, combining exclusive access to our Front Private Guest seating area, unforgettable encounters with a variety of animals, and delectable treats, comes at an exceptional value, priced at just $900.

Indulge in a truly immersive and exclusive experience with our comprehensive package, which includes the undivided attention of a dedicated full-time Attendant who will be at your service to ensure that every moment is tailored to your preferences. Your adventure begins in our Front Private Guest seating area, where you will be treated to the pinnacle of comfort and hospitality.

Step into the heart of our Petting Zoo and forge unforgettable connections with our charming animal residents, including affectionate goats and gentle cows, who eagerly await your arrival. In addition to this heartwarming encounter, you’ll have the privilege of an up-close and educational Ambassador Animal Appearance, offering you a deeper understanding of one of our captivating animal ambassadors.

All of these incredible experiences, including exclusive access to our Front Private Guest seating area, heartwarming encounters with our animals, and the Cuddle Cabin retreat, are bundled together in this extraordinary package, priced at just $1400. It’s a value-packed opportunity to create lasting memories and forge meaningful connections with the animal kingdom and your fellow adventurers.”