Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

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Length: 54 – 65 inches
Weight: 620 – 950 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Male & Females
Talking Ability: Yes

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Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot


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Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot for Sale, Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot for sale in Texas, Yellow Naped Amazon for sale cheap, yellow naped amazon parrot for sale near me, yellow naped amazon talks is considered one of Amazons most beautiful and elegant since it has a combination of yellow and green feathers.

The Yellow Naped Amazon parrot is a quiet, mild-mannered and sweet bird. They don’t grow as large as other Amazons, so are more suited to apartments than the larger varieties, who need much more space for wing flapping. The Yellow Nape will be happy with a few hours of playtime per day and does not require quite as much attention as some of the larger Amazons

Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot | Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot for sale

The Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot (Amazona auropalliata) is also known as Yellow Headed Amazon, Yellow Head Amazon and Caribbean Yellow naped Amazon. They are native to the North Eastern coast of Central America including Mexico south to East Panama. The Yellow Naped Amazons head and crown are tinged with light yellow-green feathers.

There are variable markings within this species with some individuals having a thicker mottling of yellow on its back and wings. Additionally, the wing coverts can be slightly tipped in green to light blue. They have a dusky grey crown that is often covered by disheveled feathers. These beautiful feathered friends live more than 40 years in captivity

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The Yellow Naped Amazon is a very beautiful bird. It is native to Mexico and the Central American countries of Guatemala and Honduras. The Yellow Naped Amazon is approximately 14 inches tall and has a primarily green body. Their yellow nape markings start at the beak, continue down both sides of their neck and under their wings, making them one of the most brightly colored parrots.

Yellow naped Amazons tend to be highly intelligent, inquisitive and typically very social with their owners. They have long lifespans of 50+ years (with proper care and diet) and will generally bond with 1-2 people for life. Like all large parrots, Yellow Napes need lots of space, attention and toys to climb on so they can safely release their endless energy.

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We specialize in handfeed youngsters. They are raised in our home around our pets and children for socialization. We offer exceptional quality, highly intelligent and sweet-tempered birds. The Yellow-crowned Amazon is also known as the Yellow-naped Amazon. They usually have either a yellow nape or a yellow crown, but some birds can have both.

The Yellow-naped has a large range throughout Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Their natural habitat is the humid lowland forests of these countries. There are some areas with a dry season but in general the rainfall is abundant. The goal of The Casita is to provide an environment that promotes fun and relaxation, but also encourages healthy families and strong Christian values. We hope you will be able to visit us in the near future and see the difference that The Casita can make in your family’s life

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The Yellow-Naped Amazon, or Yellow-Naped Parrot (Amazona auropalliata), is a fairly large species of parrot, native to Central America and Mexico. It is one of 11 Amazon parrots residing in the range between southern Mexico and northern Costa Rica.

The wings are yellow-green with darker yellow-green flight feathers. The tail is green with a dark purple tip, small green and blue bare eye-ring, ivory to light gray bill, and dark grayish feet. These colors become more distinct as the parrot matures, typically at about two years of age. Young birds have less yellow on the head than adults, which also have a distinct whitish skin patch at the base of the lower mandible. The Yellow-Naped Amazon closely resembles the closely related Yellow-Crowned Amazon except for having a solid yellow nape as well as a lighter breast and body (pale grey).


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