Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot

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Length: 28 – 33 cm-100cm
Weight: 220 – 250 grams
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Male & Females
Talking Ability: Yes

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Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot


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We offer Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot for Sale online and it is easy to be human, friendly pets. They are devoted to their owners, but they can be noisy and destructive. As a family pet, all Green Cheeked Conure are social, hardy and endearing birds. Contact us for a talk about these fabulous birds. We’ll be glad to assist you in any way we can. You can also buy Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot online from us and have it shipped or direct pick up if you’d like.

Buy a yellow crowned amazon parrot online and have the parrots delivered to an airport near you. Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot for sale. This parrot is sometimes known as the Yellow-crowned Amazon or the Double Yellow-Headed Amazon. The yellow crowned amazon parrot can be trained to talk and they are impressive talkers. These parrots are very social and affectionate with their owners and any other people they spend time with.

Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot  |  Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot For Sale

For many people, the Yellow Crowned Amazon Parrot makes the ideal pet and companion. These highly intelligent birds are capable of picking up large vocabularies and repeating words and phrases that they hear on a regular basis. Yellow Crowned Amazons are bred in the confines of their home so they will be able to acclimate quickly to your house and to your family. They are very good talkers and are known for learning a lot of words.

Our Amazon Yellow Crowned Parrot comes in many colors, sizes and shapes. They are generally fairly quiet, which makes them ideal for indoor aviaries or parrot cages. Its common name is derived from the tufts of bright yellow feathers on the top of its head produced naturally by mid-life sexual maturity. It has a long life span and it can live up to eighty years in captivity. Perhaps this longevity coupled with increasing herds and deforestation has caused this species to be labeled as near threatened but they are not yet an endangered species.

yellow crowned amazon parrot price | yellow-crowned amazon male or female

Yellow-crowned Amazon (Amazona ochrocephala) parrots are intelligent, loving, and incredibly beautiful. Their radiant yellow heads and gorgeous green bodies make them an exotic addition to any home. Recommended for its trainability and friendliness to humans, the yellow-crowned amazon is one of the most popular pet birds. This bird is a busybody and brains with a beak! He’s constantly investigating his surroundings and loves to solve problems.

Yellow-crowned Amazon are very loud. They are typically considered too noisy to keep as indoor birds due to their high-pitched screams, and ear-splitting cries. Once they master a word, they tend to repeat it over and over — loudly. They are best kept outside in an aviary or large cage, with a covered area for them to retreat to when they want peace and quiet. Their most common scream is “SHUT UP!”

Yellow-crowned amazon lifespan | yellow-crowned parrot

Yellow-crowned parrots live in anywhere from 4 to 20 acres (1.6 – 8 hectares) of trees or tree-covered land. They typically stay high in the trees, sleeping and spending most of their time in the forest canopy. Only occasionally do they come down to look for food or water on the ground.

Amazon parrots are a large and extremely intelligent group of parrots, medium-sized, short-tailed parrots (sometimes called short-tailed parrots) native to the Americas, whose range extends from south America to Mexico and the Caribbean. Amazon parrots have also been introduced to Florida and Puerto Rico.

This is a group comprised of many species, some of which have been hybridized for the pet trade. Amazon parrot species that are commonly kept as pets include the blue-fronted amazon (amazona aestiva), yellow-crowned amazon (amazona ochrocephala), white-fronted amazon (amazona albifrons), orange-winged amazon (amazona amazonica), double yellow headed amazon (amazona oratrix) and many more.

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