Yellow Collared Macaw For Sale

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Yellow Collared Macaw For Sale At Wildwood Exotic Pets, we love animals. Our staff members grow close to each animal that comes through our doors. We are passionate about providing the best care for them while they’re with us and finding them the best homes when they leave.

Most of our animals come to us as babies. For the pets that stay at our store for a while, we care for them, take them to the vet, handle their vaccinations, and keep good healthcare records for them.


Length:76cm-100cm (30in-39in)
Weight:0.9kg-2kg (2lbs-4.4lbs)
Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females
Talking ABility: Yes

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Yellow Collared Macaw For Sale

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Yellow Collared Macaw For Sale

The Yellow collared macaw falls in the mini-macaw category and measures 15-17-inches long. It’s easier to care for, charming, crafty, and comical. It offers the personality of a large macaw but in a smaller package.

It’s famous for its intelligence, fondness and somewhat mischievous character. An adult Yellow-collared macaw has mostly green plumage with a black color on the crown and chin. It also has a yellow collar around the back of the neck and a blue tail with a brown-red color towards the base.

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Males and females look alike, and like many other macaw species, they pair or live in groups. Therefore, they can attach to a human caregiver since they crave attention and attraction, making them an excellent choice if you have several hours to spend with them each day.

These birds can get quite loud with calls that are comparable to a gull. However, they are gifted talkers and speak with more clarity than the larger species.

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Normally, the Yellow collared macaw is considered a bird that adapts to its environment very quickly. Species raised in captivity usually have higher demands when it comes to housing and care. As these birds need a lot of attention and stimulation, it is important that you spend enough time with them. You can buy online from reputable breeders like us.

We have few selected species of macaws and other parrots available. All our birds are healthy,weaned, and very friendly with kids and other home pets. Our macaws are all hand raised in a family atmosphere. We handle them from an early age making them easy to interact with. All our macaws loves cupping on your shoulder or arm and also likes to explore everything around you. They’ll keep you entertained for hours either playing with their favorite toys or just hanging out with you

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Yellow collared Macaws are a beautiful and rare hybrid between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Greenwinged Macaw. A rare sight indeed, the Yellow-collared Macaws resemble both its parent species in coloration. It is possible that these hybrid birds were created centuries ago when such hybrids were more common than they are today. Aviculturists often create them today specifically to sell to pet owners who admire their beauty.

A rare sight indeed, the Yellow-collared Macaws resemble both its parent species in coloration. These beautiful and rare hybrid birds are created by breeding Blue and Gold Macaws with Green winged Macaws. The Yellow-collared Macaws are a beautiful and rare hybrid between a Blue and Gold Macaw and a Green winged Macaw.

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The Yellow collared Macaw is a rare species of parrot hybrid developed for domestic sale. A sight to behold, the Yellow collared Macaw has coloration similar to both parent species. It’s possible these hybrid birds were created centuries ago when such hybrids were common among aviculturists as they tried to develop more desirable pets by pairing parrot species with a wide array of personality and appearance traits.

Yellow collared Macaws are gorgeous hybrid birds. They result from the mating of Blue and Gold Macaw parents and Green winged Macaw parents. These unique birds exhibit traits of both parent species in their appearance and behavior, but they are not often seen in the wild. Aviculture experts sometimes breed them on purpose to sell as pets. The yellow collared macaw is a rare hybrid of the green-winged macaw and the blue and gold macaw, highly sought after by pet owners.

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Although they are a rare hybrid, the Yellow collared Macaw combines the rare beauty of a Blue and Gold Macaw with the quiet grace of a Green winged Macaw. Endowed with both good looks and a calm nature, these parrots make wonderful pets.

Hybrid parrots are created through the artificial selection process of selective breeding. A hybrid is a bird that resembles one or both of its parents but might not look exactly like either of them. The Yellow-collared Macaw shares an appearance with both the Blue and Gold Macaw and the Green winged Macaw. These hybrid birds are usually bred by aviculturists for the pet market.

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