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Umbrella cockatoo, white cockatoo, white-crested cockatoo SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cacatua alba ADULT NAMES: Umbrella cockatoo, white cockatoo, white-crested cockatoo SIZE: Approximately 18 to 24 inches in length
LIFE EXPECTANCY: With adequate care, they may live for 70 or 80 years in captivity.

Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Female

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Umbrella Cockatoo For Sale


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Talikng Umbrella Cockatoo For Sale

Umbrella cockatoos are well-known for their ability to do tricks, making them highly fascinating companions for bird enthusiasts. Umbrella cockatoos are a sweet-natured species that can be extremely affectionate—bordering on obsessive—with their caregivers. These birds demand more attention and care than many other species, but they make up for it with their amusing personality. Prospective owners, like any other bird, should ensure that they can satisfy the demands of an umbrella cockatoo before purchasing one.

Origins of Umbrella Cockatoo parrot | Umbrella Cockatoo For Sale

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale are endemic to Indonesia’s tropics. These birds are native to the Maluku Islands, which are located in the archipelago’s center and northern regions.

They are now widely distributed across Indonesia.
Forests, mangroves, marshes, and open woodlands are all good places to look for these birds. They like to live near rivers, clearings, and farms, where there is plenty of food.

Birds peck at crops when their natural habitats convert to agriculture, and farmers consider them a nuisance. The population of the umbrella cockatoo is decreasing owing to habitat degradation, hunters, and trappers. Umbrella cockatoos, formerly considered endangered, are now protected.

Temperament of Umbrella Cockatoo parrot

By nature, Umbrella Cockatoo for sale are peaceful, docile, and sweet-tempered, making them ideal companion birds. Umbrella cockatoos mate for life in the wild. They develop a very tight attachment with their partner, maybe more so than other cockatoo species.

They often congregate in small groups of umbrella cockatoos and are rarely separated from their partner. When a mated couple is separated, it is fairly unusual for both birds to get sad.

They are rarely hostile and develop close relationships with their caregivers early. These loving birds like cuddling with their preferred human, bird, or even item.

These parrots thrive in homes with equally caring and dedicated owners. This species begs to be pampered, so set aside one to two hours per day for training, care, and enrichment.

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale are sociable and clever creatures. They have the ability to learn and perform a wide range of feats. They are frequently featured as the star of bird exhibitions due to their ease of training. The finest benefits come from short, everyday training sessions.

Have an arsenal of safe bird toys on hand to keep your bird from growing bored. Although this species isn’t recognized for imitating human speech, it does shriek loudly to express its dissatisfaction or enthusiasm.

sound and Speech

While some Umbrella Cockatoo for sale can copy human speech, these birds are not good talkers or sound imitators in general. When startled, they make a loud, grating shriek or scream and may hiss.

Their powerful vocalizations were utilized for communication in the wild and could be heard across vast distances.

They frequently utilize loud squawks to attract attention in captivity. As a result, umbrella cockatoos might not be the ideal choice for those who live in flats or condominiums or have near neighbors.

Colors and markings of the Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale have a pristine white crown and are mostly white. Its crest will rise into an amazing umbrella-like fan when wooing a mate, angry, aroused, terrified, or even merely frustrated. It may also be a strange way of expressing interest in something new, and it’s frequently a signal that the bird wants to be left alone. It’s also a solid indicator that if approached, the bird could bite.

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale
Umbrella Cockatoo for sale

Males are noticeably bigger than females, despite the fact that their coloration is generally the same.

Males have bigger beaks and wider skulls. The beaks of umbrella cockatoos are black, and their feet are gray or black.

In the rings surrounding their eyes, some people have a tint of light blue. Males’ irises are typically dark brown, almost black in color.

The irises of a mature female are generally reddish-brown in color.

Taking Care of Your Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale, sometimes known as umbrella cockatoos, are big birds which require a spacious cage and play space. Because these birds do not like confinement, get an enclosure that is as big as feasible. In a confined environment, this species may act out or become very unhappy, which can lead to self-mutilation or sickness.

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale are nocturnal birds which require 10 to 12 hours of undisturbed sleep per night. A good night’s sleep is critical to their health and well-being.

The down of cockatoos is powdery. Bathe the bird on a regular basis to decrease the amount of dust it naturally emits.

Typical Health Issues

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale If they are sad or want mental stimulation, umbrella cockatoos may pick at or pluck out their feathers.

They are susceptible to the fatal virus psittacine beak and feather sickness. They can also develop fatty liver disease and grow obese if they are fed meals that are excessively rich in fat.

Nutrition and Diet

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale, like other large parrots, are voracious feeders. They spend the most of their time in nature hunting for food. They eat a lot of seeds, nuts, coconuts, and cereals from the farmers’ fields.

A designed, granulated diet should make up around 80% of your pet’s food. The remainder of your meal should be made up of a variety of vegetables, such as leafy greens and root vegetables.

For this species, high-quality grains like quinoa and other ancient grains, fresh sprouts, and fresh fruit are excellent nutritional choices. At all times, fresh water must be accessible.

Healthy nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and walnuts are sometimes fed to them.

Exercise of Umbrella Cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo for sale are a very busy kind of bird. They, like all parrots, require at least two hours of play and exercise every day outside of their cage.

To keep your bird’s strong beak active, give it a few chew-able bird toys. To avoid boredom, rotate the toys on a regular basis. Toys can be used for exercise, stimulation, and enrichment.

You may train your cockatoo to play catch using a whiffle ball on the floor. Structured playing is necessary for bonding and stretching the muscles of the bird.

Healthy nuts such as almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, and walnuts are sometimes fed to them.
Add plenty of ladders and other climbing structures to stimulate and enhance movement within the cage.

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