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At Wildwood Exotic Pets, we love animals. Our staff members grow close to each animal that comes through our doors. We are passionate about providing the best care for them while they’re with us and finding them the best homes when they leave. Most of our animals come to us as babies. For the pets that stay at our store for a while, we care for them, take them to the vet, handle their vaccinations, and keep good healthcare records for them.

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Timneh African Grey For Sale We have eggs, babies and Adults

All of our newborn Timneh African grey parrots for sale come with a comprehensive health warranty: we promise that the bird you are purchasing is free of any harmful diseases and is not infected with an excessive number of harmful bacteria. It is your obligation to evaluate our newborn African grey TImneh parrot after purchase; if there are any small health issues that require treatment, we will cover all meds and medical care at a veterinarian of our choice.

Timneh African Grey For Sale | where can i buy african grey parrot USA

If a veterinary examination shows a life-threatening condition or major genetic abnormalities, we will either replace your young African grey parrot or issue a complete refund. Timneh African Grey For Sale
Having said all of the above, we will not, and have never, sell a bird that we believe is sick. This is why we provide the above guarantee; you are not obligated to test your parrot, but if you do, we have a strong guarantee that your parrot will be healthy.

We hope to have a long and fruitful connection with our customers and their pets. Our mission is to provide expertise and advise for your companion parrot over the next 30-50 years. We are seasoned breeders who take satisfaction in producing healthy African grey parrots and other parrot species as babies. Timneh African Grey For Sale

Buy Baby African Grey Parrot Online | African grey parrot eggs for sale

These lovely Timneh African grey parrots are currently for sale to the general public and will come with all necessary paperwork. The TImneh African Grey parrot is the largest of the African Grey parrots, with lighter gray plumage and a complete black beak. The African grey parrot isn’t just a great talker; it’s also noted for its incredible intelligence, earning them the nickname “The Einsteins of the Bird World.” African grey parrots can build vocabularies of up to 1000 words or more, and they can use the words they acquire in context. Games that test their intelligence, such as foraging and puzzle toys, are essential for African greys.

Young, tame, and talkative For sale is a baby African Grey Timneh parrot. Our Timneh African Grey Parrot youngsters have been socialized with people and their flock, and they make some amusing sounds and talk. Sprouts, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and pellets make up their food. He has a large aviary to learn how to fly and navigate so that he can reach his full potential. This is critical for brain growth, muscular tone, heart health, and lung function, among other things. He has a lot of swings and toys at his disposal.

Timneh african grey babies for sale | African grey parrot eggs for sale uk

Since Henry VIII reigned during the 16th century and maybe even earlier than this time, the African Gray Parrot has been a precious pet in Europe. This genus comprises three subspecies, one that is now considered extinct. They can be found in the United States, Japan, Hong Kong, Middle East, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Germany, France, Germany, Germany, Germany, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Mexico, and the USA and Mexico (South America). The smaller subtype P. e. timneh is known as the Timneh African Grey Parrot and has a horn-colored top of the mandible and maroon colored tail. Timneh African Grey For Sale

Origin of timneh african grey parrot | Cheap african grey parrot for sale near me

The Timneh Grey’s roots are focused in the western coastal regions of Guinea, Ghana, and Africa’s Ivory Coast. Although not as well-known as the larger nominate red tail african grey, the Timneh is just as good at chatting. Many handfed infant Timneh african grey parrots that were fantastic as pets and talkers have been spotted. The handfed baby timneh grey is a good natured bird with a lot of skill for talking; it’s a lot of talent in a small package. African Grey parrots are one of the most widely discussed parrot species. The Timneh African grey Parrot, like all greys, is noted for its ability to communicate and intellect. tame african grey parrot for sale uk

Since 1979, we have bred and raised hundreds of greyhounds, all of whom are nearly identical in one aspect of personality: they are generally timid and shy towards strangers. I understand that there are exceptions to this, as we have seen several that are not typical. Being cautious and shy around strangers is normal. After all is said and done, African Greys are one of the most highly respected talking parrot species. Almost every one of them becomes a treasured addition to any family.

Where can i buy african grey parrot USA | African grey parrot for sale

Our handfed baby Timneh Greys are extremely affectionate and bond with their owners. One of the most amazing things about african greys, in my opinion, is their ability to imitate and sound exactly like a specific voice. I’ve heard some that sound like women and men, and some that sound like an elderly man. Greys are one of the best imitators in the world. Most greys need a while to hone their skills, with others requiring up to two years to truly get started with their speaking. However, many people are shy among strangers and refuse to engage in conversation with them, but once the strangers have left, they resume their conversation. They are a lovely bird for new or experienced bird owners.african gray parrot price

African grey parrot for sale cheap | African grey babies for sale

I must advise, do not be disappointed if your timeneh comes up short. Grey does not perform like the birds you see on TV or read about since those birds are extensively taught, whereas most pets are not. Love and appreciate your bird for what it is. The African grey, red tail, and Timneh parrots have long been regarded as among the best talking parrots. Recognize them for who they are. Never buy a parrot only for the purpose of talking. They’re a whole lot more than that. These birds are bright and lovable creatures who sometimes act like tiny children. 

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5 reviews for Timneh African Grey For Sale

  1. Mark Luis

    We picked up a pair of African grey on January 2021 (jolli and Castello) from Wildwood Exotic Pet This parrots are WONDERFUL! wants to please, readily wants to learn. Vet check said healthy well cared for parrots! I recommend the other WWEP

  2. Powell Sean

    Having always adopted parrot from local breeders, I was a bit weary about purchasing a parrot this way but I knew I wanted a parrot and fell in love with “Rio” on Wildwood Exotic Pets you guys are amazing to work with and made the process so easy, your customer service was so responsive and helped with all my questions and concerns. Rio made his way to California via plane and has been the best parrot since he arrived. He’s the sweetest most socialized parrot I’ve ever had and I’m in awe at how well behaved and intelligent (just three weeks here in his new home). Thank you so much to Wildwood Exotic Pets

  3. Larry Mane

    Words cannot express how am happy and I appreciate everything you have done to help us to add a new member to our family. From the first time I visited your website, I instantly knew that you were not the average breeder. The love, attention, and dedication you and your family give to these babies are truly out of this world. They are all so gorgeous, kissable, extremely friendly, Smart and active. I knew when we picked up baby Chloe he would be cute and lovely…but when you pulled the blanket off him to see my reaction, boy was I surprised. Not only was he even more gorgeous than we expected, he was so neat and breath taking!! Everyone who has seen him so far comment about his handsomeness (my mum keeps calling him my joy!!) I also want to thank you for going above and beyond to help us make it easier to ship him safely. It really showed me how much you really care about your clients as well and I appreciate how you have been guiding us by the hand through every step. The parrot kit was also SO sweet. So many gifts to help us start off with baby Mason the right way. We decided to keep his name as you have named him, as an honor to you. I would highly recommend you guys to everyone looking for a great little companion that are spoiled with love and are bred by the best. You are going to have to send me your business cards since I know baby Chloe is going to stop everyone in their tracks. He is a treated as a prince in the family. Thank you

  4. Dwayne G

    I got my parrot May 2022. She was exactly as described and seen on pictures and videos. She is cute and funny and immediately become part of my family. Three days and housebroken. Wildwood has done a terrific job of breeding and nurturing the parrot They are sociable, welcoming ,talkative and lovable. Ashly is so friendly

  5. Ernest F

    Just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying having Axel with us!! Our vet was most complimentary about her physical condition and temperament, and specifically asked where she was bred. He said she was the healthiest parrot he had seen in a while! And of course she is absolutely beautiful. We were very surprised to find how companionable she is for such a young parrot – she loves to be near you, sleep at your feet (or on them!) And gives lots of parrot kisses. Thanks so much for everything

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