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Serval Cub for sale

The serval cat is a beautiful animal that some people keep as an exotic pet. While you may be able to acquire a serval cat from a breeder, they are considered wild cats. To own a serval cat, you must create a large, secure outdoor enclosure and provide a warm environment year-round. They will need to feed on whole prey food items and require veterinary care from an experienced exotics vet.

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The serval cat is from Africa in which tall grass and trees can camouflage this tall cat allowing it to sneak up on its prey. They are recognized to resemble cheetahs but have shorter tails than their larger cousins. They typically hunt in which they are able to conceal and stay near water. In the wild, they may be solitary and cover a domestic territory of four to 12 square miles. African serval cats are not at the endangered species listing.

Having the longest legs of any cat (in share to their our bodies), servals are agile jumpers as well as experienced diggers. They can capture birds over nine feet inside the air and dig multiple ft into the floor to get under a fence.

African serval cats For Sale

Servals make plenty of noises or vocalizations: a high pitched cry to name different servals, growl, a spitting noise, purr, and greater.

Serval cats have been kept via human beings because the historical Egyptians and are depicted of their art. However, they’re not domesticated. Breeding inventory arrived within the U.S. Over a century ago and you can find serval cats that are many generations eliminated from African imports. Even such regionally-bred servals are situation to regulations on the ownership of wild cats and exceptional animals.

Breeders have additionally been crossing serval cats with home cats to supply hybrids, including the Savannah cat. A Savannah is probably a better alternative than a serval if you want the appearance of the serval but need a tamer cat this is less difficult to care for.


Ensure access to a veterinarian who can care for exotic pets. Servals need the same annual immunizations and deworming’s as domestic cats.

While many pet servals are declawed in the interest of preventing injury to humans, this is a practice that can result in an infection. It also makes the serval vulnerable in a confrontation with other animals. One common veterinary emergency for servals is swallowing foreign objects, which can become lodged in their throats or difficult to pass.


In the wild, servals eat some thing is to be had, which makes replicating its ideal natural eating regimen difficult. You won’t always have access to the entirety Africa has to provide wild servals, but rodents, rabbits, birds, fish, bugs, reptiles, and frogs are generally on the menu of its numerous protein resources. Whole prey must be presented but do not be alarmed in case your serval eats so fast that it regurgitates the whole thing proper returned up due to clogging its throat. It may also attempt to re-consume the regurgitated meals if has not commenced fermenting from its stomach acid.

Servals use their sight and hearing extra than their sense of scent to discover their prey. They frequently play with their meals earlier than ingesting it. Servals are rather sensible cats. When feeding them, a game or puzzle that makes the cat trouble-resolve will permit the meal to be extra worthwhile and counts as an enrichment activity in their each day ordinary.

Add pussycat complement to the food as well, inclusive of Mazuri’s Carnivore Supplement for Whole Prey. A formulated pelleted eating regimen is suitable for adding to its eating regimen however ought to no longer make up the majority of any meal.


Whether caught in the wild or bred in captivity, these animals, by their very nature, are wild and requires a skilled, responsible owner who can meet this cat’s very exacting needs. Most exotic wild cats online store do not ship to states with laws standing against owning a serval pet or countries. Unlike other exotic pet shop we do ship to all countries and states in the US. We do not require any license or permit to sell serval cat to you. Our delivery is safe and discreet and you do not have to sign any papers upon delivery.


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