Moluccan Cockatoos For Sale

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Moluccan Cockatoos For Sale

COMMON NAMES: Moluccan cockatoo, salmon-crested cockatoo

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Cacatua moluccensis

ADULT SIZE: 20 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: Up to 80 years

Banded: Yes
DNA Sex: Males/Females

Cockatoos from Molucque (also known as salmon-crested cockatoos) are friendly birds who form close bonds with their owners and thrive on social interaction. Moluccans are a loving bird that might become overly attached at times. They want to be as close to their human lover as they would be to a mate in the wild as pets. This bird requires a committed owner. The salmon-pink feathers and beautifully colored crest set this parrot apart from the rest. Their attractiveness is matched by their noisy, funny dispositions.

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Moluccan Cockatoos For Sale


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Moluccan Cockatoos: Their History and Origins

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale (Maluku Islands) in Indonesia are home to this species. They inhabit in big flocks on the lowlands.

They are sometimes regarded as a nuisance by farmers. During the breeding season, when moluccans create a mating couple, they split from the flock. They mate for life and can become melancholy if one of their mates dies. Moluccan cockatoos are an endangered species due to habitat loss and capture for the pet trade. As pets, only captive-bred birds should be available.

Moluccan Cockatoo Temperament

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale The underestimated descriptions are kind and sympathetic. It loves to be adored and wants nothing more than to always be with someone (bird or person). As an animal, the Moluccan tends to become a bird of one individual.

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale are brilliant, challenging birds. They can learn to dance and do stunts and performances in a pleasant mood as amusing comedians.

Moluccans are reputed to be quite affectionate, yet men may become hostile as they grow old. Every smart cockatoo can bite, so it’s not the perfect animal for families. The powerful bird’s beak is able to crack hard nuts open.


Moluccan Cockatoo Vocalizations and Speech

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale aren’t the most communicative of parrots. They can imitate a variety of sounds, though many owners say it’s more like yelling than conversing.

These birds are screechers, which means they will cry for attention when they are upset or for no apparent reason. They are noisy, making them unsuitable for those who live in close proximity to their neighbors.

Colors and markings of the Moluccan Cockatoo

The vivid pink feathers at the base of this species’ crest make it easy to identify. When the feathers are flat, the crest is barely visible, but when the bird is aroused, terrified, or furious, the crest rises and reveals its true beauty.

Their crest is one of the fullest among cockatoo species, only surpassed by the umbrella cockatoo.

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale cockatoos are mostly white with salmon-colored feathers on their chests and wings, aside from the splash of color on their heads. Their wings are a lovely pale yellow to peach color below.

Their beaks and feet are black, but due to the natural powdery down that the bird sheds, they often appear gray.

Taking Care of Moluccan Cockatoos

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale from the Philippines form deep bonds with their owners. Do not purchase a Moluccan cockatoo unless you are certain you will be able to keep it at home for the majority of the time.

Consider getting two Moluccans if your lifestyle does not allow for it. A couple will keep each other amused. The trade-off is that having two of these tenacious birds is even more of a commitment than having just one.

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale thrive in the largest feasible cage. Your bird will be happier if you can transform his or her house into an aviary or a full room. cheap exotic pets, Exotic pets for sale near me, Exotic pets store

The cage should be strong and able to endure the destructive tendency of the cockatoo. Provide plenty of toys and exercise during its daily, supervised playing to help it release pent-up energy.

A powdery powder is emitted by all cockatoos. It is produced naturally by birds to aid in the preening of their feathers. Expect a thin sprinkling of this powder on each surface the bird comes into contact with; be prepared to clean frequently. Some allergy sufferers may be troubled by this powder.

Health care and  common issues
Moluccan Cockatoos for sale are likely to take their feet out if they do not offer enough physical or mental stimulation, or if they do not spend enough time talking to their human partner.

Psittacin beak, feather disease and obesity are some problems reported in cockatoos. If you check fat consumption and keep it modest, you can reduce the risk of weight-related disease.

Moluccan Cockatoos for sale
Moluccan Cockatoos for sale

Nutrition and Diet
Moluccan Cockatoos for sale eat seeds, fruits, nuts, and insects in the wild. Moluccans, like all members of the cockatoo family, can have health issues if they gain too much weight.

Because Moluccans do not get nearly as much activity as they would in the wild, their owners must provide a well-balanced diet and limit high-fat foods like seeds.

75 percent of a formulated pellet diet’s food supply should be formulated pellets.

Fruits and vegetables that are safe for birds, such as bananas, apples, carrots, and kale, should make up the remaining 25%. To protect your bird from chemicals and bacteria, thoroughly wash fruits and veggies.

To begin, provide about 1/4 cup of formulated diet and 1/4 cup of fresh fruits and vegetables per day. If the bird consumes all of its food, supplement with small amounts as needed. Small amounts of treats such as seeds, nuts, and table foods may be given, especially as rewards for good behavior. Never feed avocados or chocolate to birds because they are toxic to them.

Where Can I Purchase or Adopt a Moluccan Cockatoo?

local breeders to see whether you can spend time with the species if you are interested in getting one. Young, cockatoos hand-trained you fine online on various location like countries and cities.
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Get to know someone with Moluccan education expertise. Discuss if they think this bird is right for you and describe your lifestyle. It is usually preferable to check a bird and decide not to take it home and get overwhelmed. Some sources online where Moluccan cockatoos can be found include:

Exercise Moluccan Cockatoo
Moluccan Cockatoos for sale from the Philippines are busy birds. They require a lot of exercise in order to maintain their mental and physical health. Allow your bird to exercise its muscles by allowing it to play. Every day, give it three to four hours outside the cage. It doesn’t have to be all in one go. Designate a safe, enclosed place for your bird’s out-of-cage time so that it does not injure itself or flee the house. You may also use food as a game to appeal to its foraging drive. The challenge will be fun for the bird.

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