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Length: 28 – 33 cm
Weight: 220-250 grams
Banded: Yes
Talking Ability: N/A

Amazon Parrots Babies


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Buy Amazon Parrots Babies Online at wildwood exotic pets Buy Red Lored Amazon Online – For Sale – Top Breeders – Adoption Ready, Amazon Babies are available at Wildwood Aviary. We breed a few different species of amazons such as.

The Red-Lored Amazon is a medium sized green parrot with small red and blue patches near the bend of the wing. We are always looking for new homes where an amazon parrot can live together with people that understand how to keep a pet happyand healthy,… I have available hand raised, tamed, talking, closed ringed and DNA tested babies ready for their new families now.

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We have beautiful baby parrots available now! We are USDA and state licensed and inspected, as well as being an American Federation of Aviculture member. If you want to purchase a hand fed baby parrot or a parent fed cage ready companion parrot, we are sure you will be satisfied with our birds.

We have several different species of amazon babies for sale. These sweeties are hand fed and tame. $1200 for a double yellow head or yellow nape, $900 for all the rest. Please call for availability, thanks!

Amazon Parrots Babies for sale at wildwood exotic petswe have been breeding a wide variety of exotic birds 15 years (amazons, macaws, greys, cockatoos and parrotlets) they are all hand-reared, tamed and bottle fed by us.& hellip;

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They are very intelligent and playful birds. They love to be in the action and be around their owners. These Parrots are very inquisitive; they will do anything to please you. Amazon pay a lot of attention to their surrounding, which helps with their speech ability. Amazons are known for their ability to imitate human speech almost perfectly. With their strong beak and tongue they can learn just about any word you teach them.

Amazon parrots are some of the most popular pet birds. Highly intelligent, amazon parrots are incredibly easy to train and make a wonderful choice for first-time parrot owners. This is one of the most diverse parrot species, with more than 30 recognized pet parrot subspecies.

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This is a quintessential pet owner’s guide for those who share their homes and hearts with Amazon parrots. The Amazon Parrot offers the perfect balance of authoritative advice and an engaging style so that new parrot parents can feel confident caring for their companion birds. Written by an expert in avian care and behavior, Caring For Amazon Parrots Babies includes tips on safe housing, healthy diet, and prevention and treatment of common health problems. Also contained within this wonderfully helpful guide are instructions on how to teach your baby amazons to talk.

We’ve all seen the footage of a frightened, squawking baby bird as it’s taken from its nest and hand-fed by wildlife volunteers. You may have heard that having a pet bird is like having a toddler in the house for decades on end, so why do we assume raising a baby bird is any different?

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They are really sweeter than dogs and cats. They are real pets and are too smart for kids. They have the ability to reproduce more than 300 sounds. Although, they demand a high price, but they can be your best possession if you give them proper care.

This book is helpful to anyone who wants to own and care for amazon parrots as pet. Though amazon parrots are usually expensive as pet but you will surely get the worth of your money once you make them comfortable with you or in their new home. Amazon parrot can live for 25-50 years so you will definitely enjoy their charm for a long time. african grey birds for adoption also available with amazon parrots for sale uk