Animal Rescue

" Together we can Rescue One Animal Until There Are None"

The Wildwood Exotic Pets Animal Rescus service was created in December 2015 by a group of individualities committed to saving the growing figures of unwanted, abandoned, abused, and slapdash creatures control installations and other at- threat situations across Texas and the United States as a whole. With the help of benefactors, fosters, and other levies, in just 5 times, Wildwood fantastic Pet Rescue Service has saved the lives of over,000 tykes , pussycats, parrots, fantastic faves , puppies, fantastic pussycats and gibs. Our sweats are funded by duty- deductible benefactions from compassionate people and associations who watch.

Our charge in the Wildwood fantastic Pet Rescue Service is to “ deliver One Until There Are None, ” and canine by canine, and cat by cat, catcalls by catcalls, beast by beast we strive to live this gospel every day. To achieve the ultimate thing of our charge, we concentrate on

1) saving as numerous creatures as we can from harbors and through proprietor handovers, seeing each beast through every step of the process from the factual deliverance freedom lift to the loving foster home and eventually to the “ ever ” home they were meant to have.

2) raising mindfulness to educate the public on the plight of creatures that have set up themselves in Texas harbors or have suffered neglect or abuse in order to emphasize the liabilities of pet power and to endorse to be the voices of these creatures, some of whom have suffered unconceivable atrocity and abuse.

All the animals we rescue are not kept at our ranch but are transferred to our various animal rescue organization within the United States such as Angel Among Us and others.


We will take rescue birds, small kittens, reptiles (only legal ones please) at our range in Texas.  At our Southern Star Rescue ranch we will take in rescue horses, donkeys, cows, goats… any farm animal EXCEPT PIGS.